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HPCMS Curriculum Design w/ Showcase

Developed by two of our master teachers as part of our partnership with Showcase, this curriculum design packet explores our collaborative practices and school wide programs. This was also featured in the Great Schools Partnership tenet on organizing grade books consistently.

Current Partnerships


MSQI is the New York City Department of Education’s focused effort to expand the number of middle schools that prepare students for college and career success.

Algebra for All

Algebra for All

The Algebra for All Initiative is designed to improve student readiness for Algebra 1 and high school math instruction. Research suggests that students who successfully pass algebra by the end of 9th grade are more likely to graduate from college.

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In a standards-based learning environment, students progress by demonstrating independent mastery of learning goals, or outcomes. Goals are transparent from the start. Feedback focuses on crucial next steps to achieve and deepen mastery of skills and content over time.

College Access for All

College Access for All: Middle School is a holistic early college awareness program that ensures that every middle school student will be exposed to a college-going culture and will have the opportunity to visit a college campus at least once in grades 6–8

NYU Teaching Program

NYU Teaching Program

Our teachers foster undergraduates from the NYU Steinhardt school as they develop their craft of teaching and in turn support our students.

AMNH Teacher Residency

AMNH Teacher Residency

The Master of Arts in Teaching Urban Residency Program at the American Museum of Natural History is the first urban teacher residency program offered by a museum. Teacher residents work with our science department to enrich curriculum for our students.