College Access For All

Middle School Initiative

In 2017 HPCMS started to deliver the College Access for All: Middle School Program, a Department of Education initiative, to all 7th graders at HPCMS. Through the Mayor’s Equity and Excellence reform, College Access for All: Middle School (CA4All: MS)- an early college awareness program that includes college trips, student workshops, family engagement and professional development opportunities for staff- ensures that every middle school student will be exposed to a college-going culture by visiting a college campus at least once in grades 6-8 to promote high school, college, and life success. This initiative will make college feel real and accessible to over 80,000 students each year.

Middle school sets the foundation for success in high school, college, and beyond. By creating a college-going culture in school and at home, it increases the likelihood that children-especially students who will be the first in their family to go to college- will internalize the message that college is their future. College-oriented conversations in middle school give students an opportunity to make better decisions in high school and about their future

Each year, college trips will be to a City University of New York and to a State University Of New York school. Students also participate in a College and Career Awareness Day where they have the opportunity to talk to professionals in different careers. Students have the opportunity to learn where the professionals went to college, how it prepared them and what they do every day in their job. Parents of 7th grade students are encouraged to get involved with this program! You can volunteer to be a chaperone on one of the college trips or you may volunteer to participate in our annual College and Career Awareness day to talk about your career and experiences in college.

Please look out for updates on CA4A events through our parent newsletter, flyers located at HPCMS or you can contact our Guidance Counselor Ms. Ortiz, (718) 609-3300 ext. 3082, for more information on how to get involved!

NYC DOE Office of Equity & Access Webpage- College Access For All: Middle School