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You can find individual teacher and staff contact information in our Family Handbook

Phone number is: (718) 609-3300

Fax number is: (718) 609-3319

Hunter's Point Community Middle School

Main Office: Rm 311

1-50 51st Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101


Respect for All Liaisons

Dimitra Munoz (

Bart Piscitello (

Our student schedules for the 2019 - 20 year are:

Monday - Friday 8:15 AM- 2:35 PM

Our office hours for the 2019 - 20 are:

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Teachers and Staff will be available for families (appointments recommended):

Tuesdays 2:35 PM - 3:15 PM

Visitors are welcome by appointment. Please see below for detailed directions and information on parking, etc.

We appreciate your feedback! Please complete this survey at the end or within 48 hours of your time with us.

Our Location

Hunter's Point Community Middle School

1-50 51st Avenue

Main Office, Room 311

Long Island City, NY 11101

Phone: (718) 609-3300 Fax: (718) 609-3319

Hunter's Point Community Middle School occupies the third and part of the first floor within the newly constructed Q404 Hunter's Point Campus located at 1-50 51st Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101. We are between Center Blvd and 2nd Street.

The environmentally designed building features natural light and views of the East River and Manhattan. We collaborate with the two other schools located in our building: The Academy for Careers in TV and Film and The Riverview School, a 6-12 District 75 program.

Our school is accessible by public transportation:

B43, B52, Q103

We are located directly across from the

Hunter's Point/Long Island City Stop


MPG Parking Link

Street parking is available or you can park at the MPS Parking garage located across the street from our school. For pricing information, call 718-433-1420.

See below for additional information on student transportation:

The following is taken from the District 30 Middle School Directory:

It is extremely important to consider where schools are located in relation to your home. Make sure to research travel options available to your child for schools you rank on your Middle School Choice Application, particularly the train and bus routes that would be necessary. Check that you would feel comfortable with your child’s commute. A summary of pupil transportation information is below; please note that the transportation offered by charter schools varies by school.

Pupil Transportation

The Department of Education offers transportation to middle school students based on this criteria:

Students in 6th Grade are provided with free transportation if they live 1 mile or more from school; if they live closer than that but more than ½ mile from school, a half-fare MTA bus pass is provided. Free transportation is provided as either a yellow bus or a MetroCard. Students receive yellow busing if (i) their school has bus service, (ii) they live in the same school district as their school, and (iii) a bus can pick them up, along with 10 other students, on a route of no more than 5 miles.

Students in 7th Grade and Above are provided with MetroCards if they live 1-½ miles or more from school; if they live closer than that but more than ½ mile from school, a half-fare MTA bus pass is provided.

Busing Information will be available by calling (718) 392-8855 or visiting here.

OPT Customer Service Agents are available Monday-Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at (718) 392-8855 and to answer questions, take service complaints, and provide information for parents and schools. Staff is always available at OPT until bus companies report that all bus routes have been completed and children have arrived safely at home. OPT Customer Service Agents are also available on weekends during peak periods of the year to assist parents and schools with information concerning school opening in September and summer transportation in late June.

Schools of the 21st Century

Excerpt from Architectural Record:

The facility can accommodate more than 1,000 students dispersed among the three schools. In addition to the high school, the building contains the newly created Hunter’s Point Community Middle School, with an ecology focus, and the Riverview School for special-education students. Located on a former industrial site, most classrooms—along with the light-filled hallways, library, and cafeteria—treat students to a sweeping panorama of the Manhattan skyline. “Even though it’s an urban school, we’ve tried to make it feel as if it’s part of a dynamic landscape,” says FXFOWLE senior partner Sylvia Smith. “The challenge was creating a narrative that reflected this amazing site.”

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