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  • Identify your topic

  • Learn basic information

  • Locate materials (find sources below)

  • Evaluate your sources

  • Cite your sources

General Research Sources

(Great for building knowledge)

Encyclopedias and websites like these are fantastic sources for building knowledge on your topic.

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Newspaper Research Sources

(Great for Current Events)

Online Newspapers are great sources for research, especially if you're exploring topics that impact us today.

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Scholarly Databases

Great for high school or college-level sources[the password to access Gale from home is empirelink]

These databases help you access the same academic journals that college students and experts use. Great for high-quality research but expect to be challenged.

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Create Citations

  • Citing gives credit to the authors of the materials used. It also allows your readers to locate the sources that you have listed as references. At HCPMS we use MLA citation style.

  • is a great source for making citations.

  • Have more questions about how to cite or paraphrase a source? Check out the resources on this page.

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