Visit Us!

Alumni may visit with an appointment confirmed by an email with our current staff during the following times when school is in session:

Unscheduled alumni who come without an email confirmation will not be allowed to visit. This allows our students, staff, and teachers to maintain their focus on our current students in class and/or their professional duties after school.

Stay in Touch!

Please complete this survey if you have not done so already to make sure we have your current email address as your HPCMS email address has been discontinued. We also want to hear more about your high school placement and plans after high school! We will use these addresses to reach out for future events, including alumni panels for current students, volunteer opportunities, and other important events celebrating the graduation from high school of our founding members. Should you want to reach out to us regarding a question or concern, our guidance/social work department is always available.  Please call or email us.

HPCMS Alumni Profiles

In honor of having been opened for 10 years, we started our HPCMS Alumni Profiles in the Spring of 2023.  Check them out!  If you are an alum that would like to be featured here, make a copy, create your own, and share it with for review and inclusion.  We are SO PROUD OF YOU!

Check out the HPCMS Alumni Profiles Here!

Class of '21 Graduation!

Graduation 2021 Recording FINAL.mp4

Class of '20 Graduation!

Class of '16 Reunion Slides