Meet Our Staff

The HPCMS staff consists of a diverse and exceptional group of educators. We are proud to be a part of the HPCMS family and use our unique backgrounds and talents to spark young minds through scholarship, creativity, and community.

Find our full contact list in our Family Handbook.  If you would like to apply for a position at HPCMS, visit our Join Our Team page. 

Ms. Stephanie Affrunti

Mr. Daniel Agosto

Ms. Jehan Atherton

Ms. Lisa Bako

Ms. Maria Victoria Byrne

Ms. Camille Cameron

Ms. Aida Chimelis

Mr. Andres Castillo

Ms. Shannon Cooke

Mr. Serge Desir

Mr. Jonathan Fallas

Mr. David Fine

Ms. Andrea Gonzalez

Ms. Sarah Goodman

Ms. Claire Weady

Ms. Leah Grossman

Ms. Rasa Guarnaccia

Ms. Marguerite Ho

Ms. Melissa Johnson

Ms. Lucinda Kalin

Ms. Ellen Krant

Ms. Tori Leventhal

Ms. Julisa Liz

Mr. Mark Leitao

Ms. Anjelle Martinez

Ms. Mary Mathai

Ms. Michelle Miao

Mr. Dan Mollitor

Ms. Angela Montoya

Ms. Trevina Nicholson

Mrs. Veronica Poe

Mrs. Angela Polykandriotis

Mr. Andrew Rodriguez

Mr. Sean Rosenberg

Ms. Brandi Rottingen

Mr. Andy Ross

Ms. Stephannie Samuel

Mr. Ben Stapp

Ms. Su Tan

Ms. Alexa Vagelatos

Mr. Dennis Vanella

Ms. Jacqueline Vargas

Ms. Emily Vasquez

Mr. Nick Vulpis

Mr. Gordon Walsh

Ms. Stephanie Zdazenski