High School Admissions Resource Center

Welcome! At HPCMS, 8th grade advisors work closely with students and families to serve as the main partner and point of contact throughout the high school application process. See our timeline and resources below. Please also be sure to sign up for email updates on high school admissions from the DOE.

TIMELINE (Updated 10/19/22)

  • October 12th, 2022 - MySchools Opens:

The high school application opens on MySchools. Students can view their screened programs priority group, register for the SHSAT and add programs to favorites. High schools have until this date to update their school profiles. Do not submit your application (list of 12 programs) at this time.

  • October 17th-November 4th:

Family, child and advisor work hard to create a draft application on Google Docs (balanced list of 12 programs for serious consideration). Students prepare any additional materials required for screened or audition programs.

  • November 4th:

      1. DRAFT Application (list of 12 programs) are due to advisors in Google Classroom.

      2. Last day to register for the SHSAT on MySchools

  • November 7th-11th:

SLCs (student-led conferences) with family and advisors to finalize high school list on draft application, review any additional materials created by student for screened and audition schools, transfer list of 12 to MySchools application and submit if ready.

  • November 14th-23rd:

HPCMS staff will review submitted applications and reach out to any families that require additional attention.

  • November 17th:

SHSAT administered at HPCMS (students must register in advance on MySchools)

  • December 5th:

The very last day to submit your High School Application on MySchools

  • December 9th:

The very last day to upload audition materials and assessments for screened programs that require them

  • March 2023:

Results come out via MySchools. Students can be matched with one school from their list of 12 or on rare occasion might match with a school not on their list. In addition, students can be matched with one SHSAT school if they took the SHSAT and one or more LaGuardia programs if they auditioned for LaGuardia.



    • HPCMS High School Process Slide Presentation - our initial overview for students and families

    • HPCMS Programs Guide Spreadsheet - a special HPCMS resource that compiles the ~150 programs that meet our minimal criteria for proximity (<1hr), safety (80%+) and graduation rates (85%+)

    • MySchools Login - This is where the official applications live and where families register and login to complete the official applications, view official school profiles with updated info, save schools to favorites, register for the SHSAT and LaGuardia and submit materials for screened and audition schools. MySchools opens October 12th, 2022.

    • MySchools High School Directory - this is a direct link to the HS search page on MySchools, where you can find the school profiles with updated information and search by various criteria. High schools are required to have updated profiles here by October 12th, 2022.

    • NYC DOE HS Admissions Website - this is the home for the latest information from the DOE concerning high school admissions

    • List of High School Open Houses



    • NYC DOE SHSAT Website - info from the DOE on SHSAT, note the SHSAT will be given at HPCMS on November 17th. Students must register in advance through their MySchools account.


    • HPCMS Guide to High School Auditions - a special HPCMS resource out together for students interested in auditioning for visual and performing arts programs

    • NYC DOE Audition Information - another great resource for identifying the various visual and performing arts programs and updated information on audition requirements