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Ms. Ortiz, School Counselor

Welcome to the HPCMS High School Resource Center. We are committed to extending our core values to prepare students for their future in high school and beyond, and look forward to finding a great fit for every student’s strengths and interests among the DOE High School options. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to begin the process and find important links for researching the process.

Students, families, and advisors will be encouraged to review this page regularly to make sure you are on track. Please contact your child's advisor or Ms. Melody Ortiz, at mortiz@hunterspointcms.org and 718.609.3300 ext. 3082 for any questions, resources, or meetings on High School.

High School Application Timeline (Updated 06/08/22)

  • High School Offers: We have received notice that The Office of Student Enrollment (OSE) is on track to release high school matches for all current 8th grade students who completed an application by Wednesday June 8th after school hours. Offer letters will include each student’s high school offer and/or Specialized High School results, if applicable. Offer letters will also include a list of programs where each student has been waitlisted.

    • Information on Results :All high school programs (except the nine Specialized High Schools) will have waitlists. Please understand it is developmentally appropriate for middle school students to have strong feelings about their results and compare them with their peers. It is important to remind your child that no one is “rejected” from any school, to celebrate their individual strengths, interests, goals, and possibilities, and support their peers in doing the same. All students will receive a match. If your match was not listed on your original application, you will receive information regarding waitlists. Waitlists will open in June. More information on when the waitlist opens will be communicated to families at a later date.

    • Waitlists : Waitlists are now open! **NEW** Waitlists are open through September 16th. Students will be automatically added to the waitlist of any program that they listed higher on their application than the program where they received an offer. High Schools will notify parents of an acceptance off of the waitlist via MySchools, through a call/email to the family or a call/email to the child’s counselor if they cannot get in contact with the family. Families will have access in MySchools to view waitlist placements and have one week to respond to the high school if an offer is made from the waitlist. Families can add their child on waitlists to high schools that they did not put on their initial high school application. Please keep in mind that admission requirements still apply for screened and audition schools. It is important that families keep in mind that High Schools are managing waitlists. More information about waitlists can be found here (ENGLISH; SPANISH). Families who have more questions regarding waitlists or want to request to be added to waitlists can also email Waitlists@schools.nyc.gov. Please allow for 24 – 48 hours response time. Ms. Ortiz, Mr.Fine, Ms.Shuart and Ms. Poe will be available for students to support processing their feelings associated with High School Results. We look forward to the variety of great places our 2022 class will go, and to support them in a great transition.

  • Current 7th Graders: HPCMS Alumni High School Student Panel/ HS Process Info Session: Interested in learning more about next year`s high school process? Check out these slides, a recording of the Alumni High School Student Panel video. and the High School Admissions Information video.


    • Attend open houses virtually or in person! Virtual houses are available above and is updated weekly

    • Visit schools.nyc.gov/High and schools.nyc.gov/SHS to get the latest information and watch our video series to learn how to participate in high school admissions.

    • Explore high school program options in the MySchools.nyc high school directory. You don’t need to log in or create an account to use the online directory!

    • Explore schools by also visiting the HS Program of Interest Guide! Schools listed in this guide are schools that we always recommend to families!

    • You can access the DOE HS Admissions One-Pagers in this linked folder.

    • Sign up for email updates on High School Admissions: schools.nyc.gov/SignUp