6th Grade Photos!

6th Graders had an action packed week in social studies. They made cuneiform tablets and learned about bartering by trading m&m’s!

7th Grade Photos!

Students at our Let's Code collaboration with Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island.

Cassius and Andrew at the 7th grade Fall Festival
Julian shouts Joshua out for a Stamp A Champ Award at the 7th grade assembly

A Day in the Life in the Hudson River & Harbor

8th Grade Photos!

Students in Algebra I use their graphing calculators t connect exponential representations

Students in the ClimbUp Program take it the next level as they learn how to belay each other 30 feet above the ground!

Students sing their hearts out in the Harvest Festival karaoke room!

8th graders Tseten, Able, Kalvin, Sofia, Daisy and Julissa participating in the 1st Special Olympics Unified Soccer Tournament with Riverview students!