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NYC High School Virtual Open Houses 2020-21

HPCMS High School Resource Center

Welcome to the HPCMS High School Resource Center. We are committed to extending our core values to prepare students for their future in high school and beyond, and look forward to finding a great fit for every student’s strengths and interests among the DOE High School options. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to begin the process and find important links for researching the process.

Students, families, and advisors will be encouraged to review this page regularly to make sure you are on track. Please contact your child's advisor, Ms. Ellen Krant, at ekrant@hunterspointcms.org or Ms. Melody Ortiz, at mortiz@hunterspointcms.org and 718.609.3300 for any questions, resources, or meetings on High School.

High School Application Timeline

High School Admissions Updates (As of 01/08): In advisory, grade 8 advisors will go over these changes, support students with their applications and direct students to the Extra Credit work in CD for JRS 3.0 for SHSAT practice over the Winter Break on Google Classroom. The deadline to submit your HS application is February 23rd 2021.

      • Geographic Priorities: Schools that once gave priority to districts will now change to priority given to boroughs. Ex: Some schools had priority given to students in say District 30. That will not be true for this year. Those are taken away. However, you still might not want to apply to a school that is giving priority to Manhattan residents.

      • Screened Schools: For remaining screens at high schools, schools can choose to remove or alter their screens in the year ahead, or they may maintain them. Schools that maintain academic screens are encouraged to make a concerted effort towards greater equity in their processes, either by electing to remove additional screens now, or implementing a Diversity in Admissions priority based on information submitted through Family Income Forms. Approximately 20+ NYC public schools currently prioritize targeted groups of students including, but not limited to, low-income students, English Language Learners, and students in temporary housing. For those high schools that maintain academic screens, a combination of 2018-2019 state tests, the previous years’ grades, and/or other measures will be used depending on school-established criteria. This information will be available on MySchools in mid-January.

    • SHSAT: All families that have not registered for the SHSAT received this email on 01/08 from Kristen Shuart. Please work with your child’s advisory to register before January 15. The test will take place on January 27 at HPCMS.

    • Arts High Schools have moved to the Virtual Audition Submission Tool that will allow students to submit their audition materials online. Students will only need to create one audition that can be submitted for all schools that require it. All students will have until March 1st to submit their virtual audition using the virtual audition submission tool.

      • LaGuardia High School auditions opened December 21. The deadline to register for LaGuardia auditions is February 23rd 2021.

    • MySchools Welcome Letters: MySchools letters were mailed home on December 14th from the DOE and emailed from HPCMS on December 15. The following information was included:

      • Instructions on how to set up a MySchools account and add your child to it using their unique account creation code.

      • Information on how to use MySchools to explore your high school choices, apply to high school, and participate in Specialized High Schools admissions when these application periods open.

      • Video on how to create a MySchools account