Summer Homework

For incoming students please visit during Summer Hours listed on our calendar on the home page or contact the Parent Coordinator to coordinate book pick up. Send an email to

Summer Reading Assignment All Grades

6th Grade Summer Homework Assignments

Grade 6 Summer Reading Homework

Grade 6 Summer Reading Assignment 2019-20

Grade 6 Summer Math/Science Homework

Summer Math/Sci HW 2019 Grade 6

7th Grade Summer Homework Assignments

Updated Aug- ELA Summer Project Grade 7 - The Stars Beneath Our Feet 2019-2020

Grade 7 Summer Math Homework


8th Grade Summer Homework Assignments

Grade 8 Summer Reading Homework

Grade 8 ELA Summer Assignment 2019-2020

Grade 8 Summer Math Homework

Summer 2019 Incoming Grade 8 Math Game.pdf