Hunter’s Point Community Middle School (30Q291) welcomes, challenges, and supports every student.

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General information on the Middle School process can be found on the DOE website here. Our school admissions process is Limited Unscreened for families within District 30. Limited Unscreened programs give priority to students who demonstrate interest in the school by attending an information session, school tour, open house event, or by visiting the school’s exhibit at the Middle School Fair. You must sign in at these events to receive priority to the school’s Limited Unscreened program(s). Individual schools maintain lists of families who sign in at these events. If you have any questions or need assistance with your child's middle school placement or appeals process please contact the Parent Coordinator at 718-609-3300 ext 3113.

Final Copy - New Student Orientation Flyer 2019
Fall 2018 HPCMS Open House Flyer
2017 Fall HPCMS Open House