High School Application Process

2018 High School Admissions Presentation for Families

2018 High School Admissions Presentation for Families ‎(MySchools)‎

Welcome to the HPCMS High School Resource Center.  We are committed to extending our core values to prepare students for their future in high school and beyond, and look forward to finding a great fit for every student’s strengths and interests among the DOE High School options.  Scroll to the bottom to find out how to begin the process and find important links for researching the process.

Students, families, and advisors will be encouraged to review this page regularly to make sure you are on track.  Please contact your child's advisor or Ms. Ellen Krant, at ekrant@hunterspointcms.org and 718.609.3300 for any questions, resources, or meetings on High School.    


What is happening in the process?  


(8th Grade)

- Students and families should have a draft of a "Reach - Realistic - Reasonable" list of at least 12 schools to discuss with Guidance Counselor.

- Students and families bring this draft of Round 1 application to the High School Family Meetings with Guidance Counselor for final discussion.

- Students turn in their applications revised, signed, and approved by Thanksgiving.  Advisories with the most applications in first receive incentives!

- All applications are due to the Guidance Counselor by December 1.  Students receive results for both SHS and Round 1 in March.


(8th Grade)

- Students receive their official Round 1 application and High School - October Family Update with next steps.

- Students and families email Parent Coordinator with any updates on biographical information on application no later than November 1.

- Students receive SHS tickets and take the test in late October.

- Students receive sign-ups for after-school support to prepare for with Visual Art, Music, and Performance auditions and receive audition tickets.

- Students are supported and encouraged to attend as many High School Open Houses as possible as they draft their Round 1 list from their reviews.  Check here for the full NYC DOE Citywide Calendar of Open Houses.  As you review the High School Directory, use this High School Visit Evaluation sheet to review your experience.


(8th Grade)

- Students discuss and continue revisions on their High School Review Sheets in Advisory and receive a calendar of important fall deadlines.

- HPCMS Faculty presents the HPCMS High School 8th Grade Fall evening workshop with next steps.

- Students can sign up for LaGuardia auditions and the SHSAT on the myschools.nyc page or with guidance counselors. 

-Students attend Citywide High School Fair.


(between 7th and 8th Grade)

- Students are assigned to work with families on 20 High School Review Sheets using the NYC DOE High School Directory and the NYC DOE Schoolfinder Tool.

- Students and families will receive guided lessons on how to complete in advisory and in parent workshops.


(7th Grade) 

- Students learn and practice How To Read The High School Directory and receive copies of the Directory and SHS Guide to take home.

- Students receive Admissions Types flashcards to help families learn meaning and importance of reviewing schools based on admissions criteria and setting realistic, personalized student goals and choices.

- Students are taken on at least one grade-wide High School field trip to learn the process of reviewing schools in person.


(7th Grade)

- Students receive information on how to assess their own strengths, interests, and career goals for High School selection.

- Students receive the opportunity to enroll in HPCMS SHSAT prep in March.

At November SLC's (7th Grade)  

- Students, families, and advisors discuss the importance of and support for 7th-grade grades, test scores, and attendance for High School application. 

- Students are introduced to option of Specialized High School test (SHSAT) to consider, as well as expectations for Test and Portfolio schools