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Dress Code Policy

2016-2017 School Dress Code:

Dear Families,

In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-665 our School Leadership Team (SLT) and PTA co-hosted two open forums during the 2015-2016 school year and gathered survey responses from students, parents, and staff.  Based on the overwhelmingly positive responses to our founding dress code for safety, school pride, and school climate reasons, the SLT has decided to continue with the dress code with the addition of several items noted below.  Many of these items can be purchased anywhere and items with our HPCMS logo (required for t-shirts and hoodies) can be found at Land's End or will be provided through our school.  


  • A solid blue (any shade) short or long sleeve shirt with a collar or a solid blue blouse  or dress

  • A solid blue or black cardigan sweater or sports jacket  can be worn in cold weather or if the air conditioning is strong.  Long sleeve solid blue, black, or white shirts can also be worn under short sleeve shirts.

  • HPCMS t-shirts or athletic shirts provided through sponsored school clubs or teams

  • Hoodies that show school identity are allowed.  HPCMS Logo Hoodies in Navy or Black can be purchased at Land's End or patches can be purchased from school.  Only logo hoodies are allowed and hoods may NOT be worn during school hours.


  • Solid (no patterns or tears) Black, Navy Blue, Dress Jeans, or Khaki Pants, Capris, or Knee Length Shorts or Skirts

Not allowed:

  • t-shirts, heels or wedge shoes, flip flops, thin straps/halter shirts, bandanas, beads, hats, sweatshirts, pants with any kind of rips or tears,  clothes determined to be offensive or inappropriate (too short or tight, etc.)

Students who come to school consistently in uniform will be tracked by crew advisors, teachers, and administration for incentives and merits.  Families will be contacted regarding inappropriate or inconsistent dress code behavior.  Exemption Requests can be found here or by contacting the school. Each family requesting an exemption is required to have a conference with an administrator.

Thank you for your support! .