Hunter's Point Community Middle School (30Q291)

A Newly Opened  NYC DOE Public School 
 in District 30!

Sparking young minds through
scholarship, creativity, and community

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Schools of the 21st Century 

Hunter’s Point Campus by FXFOWLE

Excerpt from Architectural Record:

The facility can accommodate more than 1,000 students dispersed among the three schools. In addition to the high school, the building contains the newly created Hunter’s Point Community Middle School, with an ecology focus, and the Riverview School for special-education students. Located on a former industrial site, most classrooms—along with the light-filled hallways, library, and cafeteria—treat students to a sweeping panorama of the Manhattan skyline. “Even though it’s an urban school, we’ve tried to make it feel as if it’s part of a dynamic landscape,” says FXFOWLE senior partner Sylvia Smith. “The challenge was creating a narrative that reflected this amazing site.”



Our school hours  for the upcoming 2015-2016 year will be the following:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:15 AM-  3:10PM

Thursday and Friday 8:15 AM-  2:25PM

Breakfast will be served everyday from 7:50-8:05. Grab and go breakfasts will be made available to students arriving to school by yellow buses. Students arriving on their own should plan to enter the building by 7:50 if they want breakfast and by 8:10 to have time to go to their lockers and make it to their first class on time.

HPCMS featured as an Inside schools Middle School pick! 

"Children are gentle and kind to one another at this diverse, small school that opened in 2013. "If you want to find kids who represent the whole city, you'll find them here," said founding principal Sarah Goodman. To help students manage stress and stay focused, there are four brief periods of daily meditation." 

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