Hunter's Point Community Middle School (30Q291)

A Newly Opened  NYC DOE Public School 
 in District 30!

Sparking young minds through
scholarship, creativity, and community

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Prior Announcements

Summer Office Hours!


Monday – Thursday



Monday – Thursday



We hope everyone is having a fun, productive, and safe summer! We have been working hard preparing for our next school year and have also been continually supporting our students in summer school. We are eager to welcome all of our new families and students and are excited to continue the relationships already formed. As a reminder – all students should have received their summer assignments which includes the novel Wonder and a HPCMS rubix cube (cube is for 6th grade only) . If you have not, please feel free to visit us during our summer office hours. Also you may always reach us by phone by calling 718-609-3000 or emailing the parent coordinator, John Rodriguez at

HPCMS MSQI Debate Champions!!

Exciting news! Out of over 50+ teams and 100+ debaters, the HPCMS debate team was awarded over 25 times! And last but not least, for the MSQI Top Team Overall Award, the HPCMS Debate Team took FIRST PLACE!

To check out the 2014 Debate Results, click here!

Schools of the 21st Century 

Hunter’s Point Campus by FXFOWLE

Excerpt from Architectural Record:

The facility can accommodate more than 1,000 students dispersed among the three schools. In addition to the high school, the building contains the newly created Hunter’s Point Community Middle School, with an ecology focus, and the Riverview School for special-education students. Located on a former industrial site, most classrooms—along with the light-filled hallways, library, and cafeteria—treat students to a sweeping panorama of the Manhattan skyline. “Even though it’s an urban school, we’ve tried to make it feel as if it’s part of a dynamic landscape,” says FXFOWLE senior partner Sylvia Smith. “The challenge was creating a narrative that reflected this amazing site.”